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Experts in Bluetooth®, iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ App Development

Beacon iOS and Android Apps

We enable organisations to better engage with users, based on location, by providing context sensitive screens, dynamic content and hyper-targeted notifications.

Beacon-driven apps provide the much needed physical engagement required to retain app users by providing truely useful location-based information.


Increase sales
through targeted offers


Disseminate information
and provide added value services

Visitor Spaces

Provide interactive guides
and measure footfall in specific areas


Exploit opportunities in asset control, security, sensing and the Internet of Things (IoT)

We are the Beacon App Specialists

We have been developing apps for over 20 years on Windows Mobile, Java ME, Symbian, iOS and Android. Today, we are the only app developers that specialise in only creating beacon apps.

We are experienced in Bluetooth development across iOS and Android and have extensive knowledge how to get triggering working across different platform versions, cache information to trigger when offline, prevent excessive triggering and deal with the stringent requirements of Apple's review of beacon apps.

Engaging us gets your app completed quicker and eliminates lost time, effort and cost going down dead ends and implementing the wrong solution.

Past Clients


We developed apps for tagsmArt that have been used at Folkstone Triennial, Frieze London, Saatchi Gallery and the Fine Art Society


We created an Android app for DotOrigin for use with their DTAG100 beacon


We designed and developed a custom beacon-based stock control system with branded beacons for Malvern Instruments Ltd


Our specialisation in beacon apps led us to supplying beacons. We supply over 90 models from 25 manufacturers. Choose between wearable, waterproof, sensor, ultra small, long battery life beacons or a mix of these. 

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